Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Quick Update.

It's been a while and not much has happened with Aretia. I'm halfway through stripping the Keel Winch which has had a need centre welded in as the last one has turned in to a cloud of rust. The keel wire will then be replaced, after which the keel will be dropped to inspect the keel bolt. All wood work hhas be taken off for sanding and varnishing, along with the rudder. It looks like Aretia is going bakc to Skeggy next year, though we were looking at maybe putting in a marina on the Humber. Access is still an issue though! Went to the Earls Court Boat show last weekend, very good, better in my opinion than the Excel show, with a much friendlier atmosphere, though maybe not so many people. All for now.

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