Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Jaguar 22 Sailing Yacht.

It's all well and good this sunshine but it is also proving to be a little Windy for Aretia. I don't fancy taking the Jaguar 22 out in too stiff a blow on the big pond. Was hoping to take it out single handed last week but a F5 put pay to that. I'm pretty sure the boat would be OK, but it would still mean being out for 12hrs awaiting a high tide and with nowhere to run if the weather deteriorated. So, hopefully got a crew this weekend and off to Wells Next the Sea. A little tight on daylight on the way back but figure a large torch will cover that. Still quite windy over the weekend but at least with two onboard I can take a break from the helm. Checked the Mariner 6hp out last night purrring away nicely. I've now worked out why it's so heavy compared to the 5hp Mercury. The 6hp is actually the same block as the 9.9hp. So shouldn't over stress the engine, just my back. Next update on Tuesday.

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